How much time is necessary to create a video?2021-06-24T13:35:21+02:00

It will take you between 10 and 15 minuts approximately to create a video thanks to Getshare.

Does a statistical analysis of my creations exist, after they are posted online?2021-06-24T13:35:23+02:00

No, there is no statistical analysis for the moment.

What kind of video’s am I able to create thanks to Getshare?2021-06-24T13:35:23+02:00

For the moment, there are 4 formats of different durations available : 5, 15, 30 and 90 seconds. For each of those formats, various animation types are available. The DIY tool is another option that enables you to create your own videos following your own creativity.

Do you offer a test version of Getshare?2021-06-25T10:04:58+02:00

As for the moment, we don’t offer any test version of the platform. However, you have the possibility to request a demo via the contact tab, or via a phone call +32 10 68 93 28.

Do you offer any tutorial?2021-06-25T10:05:46+02:00

Our tutorials are on our YouTube

How does Getshare work?2021-06-24T13:35:23+02:00

Getshare is a platform that enables you to create automatically your own videos by yourself, by uploading your own medias. We use Artificial Intelligence in order to index and sort your medias out, according to noticeable specificities that can be found on them.

Does a Getshare mobile App exist?2021-06-24T13:35:24+02:00

Yes, an application is currently being developped.

Is my video format suitable for social networks?2021-06-24T13:35:24+02:00

Yes, you are given the possibility to choose the suitable format for each social network. The available ratios are:
– 1/1: suitable format for Facebook
– 16/9: suitable format for Youtube
– 9/16: suitable format for Instagram

Can I book a personalized demo?2021-06-25T10:06:39+02:00

Yes. In order to book a demo, visit our website and click on “ask for a demo” button, which is on our home page.

What is a Template?2021-06-24T13:35:20+02:00

It is an editable video model that you are asked to choose when creating your video Getshare. It determines the duration and the style of your video.

When will the next templates be available?2021-06-24T13:35:21+02:00

New templates will be created during the year.

Can I generate and personalize the timeline/public video URL in order to share the link?2021-06-24T13:35:22+02:00

This functionality is not available yet. We recommend you to download the video first, and then publish it on the desired social media.

Can I use my own medias in my project?2021-06-24T13:35:22+02:00

Yes, it is recommended that you use your own media so that AI can sort it out. This will make it much easier for you to organize your research in your library.

Can I modify the template animation?2021-06-24T13:35:20+02:00

It is impossible to change the template animation.

Is there a maximum number of medias when creating a video?2021-06-24T13:35:20+02:00

Yes, the number of medias you can add in your project depends on the Template you have initially chosen.

Can I modify and customize the music in the video?2021-06-24T13:35:20+02:00

The music is predefined in the existing Templates. Concerning your customizable Templates, you can add the music of your choice. In the DIY tool, a library of musics free of rights is at your disposal.

Can I add a sound recording in addition to the music?2021-06-24T13:35:20+02:00

This functionality will be available within 2021.

Can I manually control the calibration? The saturation? The shade? The colors? Etc. of the final videos?2021-06-24T13:35:20+02:00

This functionality will be available within 2021.

Can I use my video creations as a Facebook page banner?2021-06-24T13:35:21+02:00

Yes, you can upload your Getshare video on all social medias.

Is my video automatically subtitled?2021-06-24T13:35:21+02:00

No, the voice recognition function is not available yet.

Can I suppress my Template as I wish, and start a new one?2021-06-24T13:35:21+02:00

Yes, there is no limit to Template creation. However, depending on the subscription you have signed up for, you can create a limited amount of minuts of video per month.

Can I start a project in an empty Template?2021-06-24T13:35:22+02:00

Yes, thanks to the DIY tool, you are able to create a video in a more free way.

Can I edit the text in the existing Templates?2021-06-24T13:35:22+02:00

Yes, you can modify the texts in the assigned title and subtitle zones.

Will the Getshare logo appear on my videos?2021-06-24T13:35:22+02:00

No, once the subscription paid, our logo will not appear on your creations.

What is a video POC?2021-06-24T13:35:23+02:00

The “Proof Of Concept” is an important step in your Template creation. We will identify the key elements of your brand (logo, graphic design, etc.) to create your customizable Template.

What kind of medias is supported by Getshare?2021-06-24T13:35:24+02:00

The standard video formats (mp4, mov, avi, webm) as well as the standard image formats (png, jpg) are supported by the platform. Audio and PDF files are not supported by the platform yet.

What are the video resolutions of my creations?2021-06-24T13:35:24+02:00
  • Full HD en 1920/1080 pour 16/9 ;
  • 1080/1920 pour 9/16 ;
  • 1080/1080 pour square.
What are the available sizes when my project is exported?2021-06-24T13:35:25+02:00

The available sizes are MP4/H.264, standard sizes compatible with all video readers.

Can I use my subscription simultaneously on numerous devices?2021-06-24T13:35:18+02:00

Yes, there is no limit in the simultaneous connexions.

Can I stop my subscription or change pack whenever I want?2021-06-24T13:35:19+02:00

Once signed up for, your subscription is active until the end. However, if you wish to upgrade your pack, you are allowed to do so whenever you want.

Can I keep on using my creations, even after my subscription ends?2021-06-24T13:35:19+02:00

No, once your subscription ends, you do not have the right to access the platform anymore. However, your creations remain stored on our servers.

At what point do I have to pay additional charges?2021-06-24T13:35:19+02:00

If you wish to keep creating videos whereas you exceeded the maximum number of minuts planned in your subscription pack, you will have to sign up for a superior offer.

Do you propose adapted prices for ASBL and other non-profit associations?2021-06-24T13:35:19+02:00

It is not planned. However, you can contact us to discuss about it.

Do you propose packs for the subscriptions?2021-06-25T09:59:55+02:00

Our different packs are the following:
getshare packs

Can I share directly my videos and timelines to social networks?2021-06-24T13:35:16+02:00

No, this functionality is not available yet. It is therefore recommended that you download your creation and then upload it manually to your social networks.

How do you store my medias? Are they my own?2021-06-24T13:35:16+02:00

Yes, your uploaded media are your own and will only be usable by yourself.

Do you host the videos or can I upload the video file?2021-06-24T13:35:16+02:00

We host your creations and they are downloadable via the export tab.

What is the maximum number of importable / storable data on my creation profile?2021-06-24T13:35:16+02:00

The number of importable data depends on the chosen subscription.

Which video sizes can I create with Getshare? Is there a limit?2021-06-24T13:35:17+02:00

There is no size limit but a time limit relating to your subscription.

Are my banking information automatically saved on the website, during a purchase?2021-06-24T13:35:17+02:00

Currently, it is not possible to make purchases from the platform directly. Therefore, your banking information is not saved on the plateform.

Is the website secure?2021-06-25T10:03:54+02:00

Yes, communications to the platform use the HTTPS protocol which ensures data encryption between your browser and the platform’s servers.

I can’t log into my account. How do I proceed?2021-06-24T13:35:18+02:00

Please click on “forgot password”. This feature will send you an email explaining the procedure to retrieve your credentials.

Is my account accessible everywhere in the world?2021-06-24T13:35:18+02:00

If you have unrestricted internet access, your platform and your account on this platform can be accessed from any region of the world.

How can I contact a member of the Getshare team?2021-06-25T10:08:15+02:00

You may contact us via the “contact” tab on our website, or via the address info@memovie.be, or by calling the following number: +32 10 68 93 28.

Can I sell the video I have created?2021-06-24T13:35:17+02:00

Yes, any project you create is yours and free of rights.

How can I be informed when new functionalities are released?2021-06-24T13:35:17+02:00

In order to be kept informed of all our new functionalities, we recommand you to follow us up on social media as well as subscribe to our Newsletter.

Do you have a Sponsorship program?2021-06-24T13:35:18+02:00

No, we are not planning to develop one yet.

Is there a customer service or an after-sales service?2021-06-25T10:09:21+02:00

For any information request or complaint, contact us by email at the address info@memovie.be, or by calling the following number: +32 10 68 93 28.

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