Howdy dear user !

April is already kickin’ and Getshare’s team is entering this 2020′ second trimester very proud of what has been achived until now so far, in order to strengthen the bases of its application. Please find below a showcase of the new features and improvements made during the last trimester. The good news is: all these changes are already available in your own platform !

Auto save 

A major improve that will change every contributors’ life ! Your changes are now automtically saved when editing your media metadata as well as editing a composition.

Social sharer

Yeeeehay ! You are now finally able to share your creations with your community of fans and friends using social boutons.


Media time

The possibility to set media times will make easier the use of compositions taking place over a day like events.

Developement roadmap

Since the begining of Getshare’s development, our wish has alway been to share our development roadmap with our community and stakeholders in order to include them to a global improvment process. It has taken more time than intended but we’re finally setup.


Don’t hesitate to share your feedbacks with us at